Hispanic Digital Marketing

Hispanic Digital Marketing

Hispanic digital marketing is crucial to your marketing strategy. These 60 million people constitute the largest ethnic minority group in the U.S., making them nearly as big as the entire country! Hispanics are also some of the most influential people in North America, known for their vibrant cultural heritage, proclivity toward pushing forward, and willingness to engage in social media. What’s more, they speak a language that English speakers don’t understand – “Spanglish.”

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Hispanics are a key demographic for marketers

The Hispanic population makes up almost a quarter of the U.S. population, making it a key demographic for digital marketers. In fact, Hispanics are the fastest-growing population segment in the U.S., with a projected growth of 62% by the end of 2025. Moreover, Hispanics have the highest spending power of any minority group in the U.S., and their spending habits and culture are crucial for companies.

This segment is highly connected to the internet. While this segment is largely underrepresented in digital marketing, it can still prove to be a valuable source of business for brands. Brands should focus on developing a social media presence and identifying key influencers in their communities. This way, they can create a deeper connection with these consumers and increase their conversions. Also, they should create a culturally-relevant website to reach this audience.

They are active on social media

Hispanics are the most active segment of the digital market, spending five times more time on social media than non-Hispanic Whites. They are highly likely to share content and are more likely to trust content created by a trusted source. Hispanics are active on YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. Most Hispanics use the internet to keep up with community events, news, and trends.

While language is important, Hispanics are also culturally oriented and are more likely to respond to content based on their cultural background. While the language of Spanish may be widely spoken, the content created for this segment should be centered on cultural identity. Using the right tools and platforms to reach this audience can increase your chance of reaching new customers. In addition to using social media, businesses can also consider targeting Hispanics on Facebook through advertising.

They are heavy users of mobile devices

Hispanic digital marketers should pay special attention to this group because it leads the pack in adopting new devices and is the fastest growing demographic online. Hispanics use their mobile devices to search for information, stream video, and use apps like social networking and mobile navigation. Hispanics are also heavily engaged in mobile apps with high advertising potential. Interestingly, Hispanics are less likely to view ads as intrusive and have a more positive view of advertising.

One of the most important factors for successful Hispanic digital marketing is targeting Hispanics via mobile devices. They are heavy users of smartphones, spending an average of 14 hours per week using mobile devices. In addition, they are the fastest growing demographic in the United States. To target Hispanics effectively, it is crucial to use proven, evidence-based marketing strategies that incorporate mobile devices. If Hispanics are not your target market, you’ll risk losing out on valuable business.

They are receptive to ads in Spanish

Hispanics are more “digital” than any other major demographic in the US. In fact, US Hispanics watch six hours of video a day on mobile devices – 90 minutes more than the national average. Three out of four Latinos own a mobile phone, a 10% increase from the national average. They are receptive to ads and other content that incorporates Spanish language.

When marketing to a Hispanic audience, it’s vital to consider the cultural context of the group. Using Spanish language advertising can signal that the brand is caring about its audience and their needs. Additionally, ads in Spanish can generate response rates four to five times higher than those in English. Therefore, a digital ad in Spanish will likely resonate with Hispanics more than an ad in English.

They are a key demographic for marketers

Hispanics are a powerful target demographic for marketing campaigns. The majority of Hispanics feel connected to their heritage and are highly tech savvy. Hispanics also overindex on video consumption. Almost seven out of ten Latinx households use a smartphone to access the internet. Compared to non-Hispanic whites, Hispanics spend more than twice as much time online as the average person.

As the number of Hispanic internet users rises, it becomes imperative to reach the Hispanic market. Hispanics are early adopters of digital technologies and are active online. Currently, US Hispanics spend the majority of their time on mobile devices. They also are increasingly connected and use technology to express their values and opinions. By developing creative ads that show how these individuals use technology, marketers can reach this audience and make an impact.

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