ICC T 20 world cup

The T–20 world cup is in full swing, and the qualifying stage of the tournament is in full swing. In the first few matches, a lot of surprises have gone on to emerge when it comes to the tournament. ICC T 20 world cup just like any other tournament does throw up its own share of surprises, and all of us are likely to become part of it sooner than later. Even before the tournament has gone on to emerge, let us figure out a few surprise features of the present world cup.


No team has gone on to successfully defend their world cup title. No host side has won it or even gone on to defend it on their home soil. Australia has a chance to achieve this rare double in this edition of the world cup. One thing is for sure they turn out to be at the top of the list as they have all their bases covered.


It is fair to say that in a game of T-20 cricket there is an element of luck involved. You can develop numerous strategies sitting in the comfort of your dressing room, but you need certain things to go your way in this game. In a matter of a few balls, the game of T 20 cricket can change. There are other factors that are hard to imagine but toss is bound to play a crucial role in this present edition of the tournament. A lot of the teams prefer chasing in this version of the game. One thing is for sure the coin is expected to play a major role on the shores of Australia. An interesting feature is that Australia has the second-worst record when it comes to chasing totals. Still expect them to chase you as the rub of the green may not go your way always.

Avoid any form of mini-collapses

Avoid collapses in terms of wickets, as you can land your team in a real soup during the course of a game. When a wicket falls you need to have players who can avert a collapse. An example of such a player is Virat Kohli, who is at the wicket if an early wicket falls. On the other hand, if the opening partnership has gone on to play a considerable amount of overs it would be better to reconsider the batting order. You can send out players who can really hit the ball hard. There are a few players who are known to hold the innings, and it is better they are kept towards the latter stages of the innings.

Net run rate

In a tournament like this, net run rate has an important role to play. There is a strong possibility that a couple of teams could have the same number of points. Then the only way to separate them would be the net run rate. If there is still a tie, you need to figure out who has gone on to win the game that is played between both of them. If that still does not work, the side that has the higher seeding will make it through.

Over rate

An ignored point is going to the focal point in the present edition of the world cup. For the first time, there is going to be a penalty when it comes to overrating. If the team is not able to complete their stipulated overs within the given time frame, they will be penalized by having one extra fielder in the circle. The impact of such a move is huge, and all of us have seen what would be the case in the recent Asia cup. Eventually, it may turn out to be the difference between winning and losing a game of cricket. What it means is that there is extra work for the umpire. Due to unaccounted stoppages, the umpire has to press the stopwatch every time there is a disruption of play. What it indicates is that the fielding side needs to complete their entire quota of overs within the stipulated time. But if it is shortened game of 10 overs, there is no form of penalty levied.


Perhaps this is going to be the first world cup where pace bowlers are going to rule the roast at a major level. Almost every team has a quick who is going to breach the 145 km mark with relative ease. The effective pace is one thing that most of the teams look for, along with a handy left-hand seamer.


Presently the qualifying edition of the tournament is going on, and there are a few matches taking place. There are two groups of 4 teams each, and based on their standings, they would make it to the main edition of the tournament. Already we have seen quiet surprises in the early stages of the tournament, and the future holds a lot of promise too.

Running out a striker

This is a practice that is being normalized and is expected to raise a lot of eyebrows in the world of cricket. It is rated to be a form of stumping at the bowler’s end of a cricket game, and a few of us would argue that it is against the spirit of cricket. The MCC has gone on to amend its laws, and this has been given legal status. Gone are the stages where it was termed as unfair play and is being termed as a legal mode of dismissal. It means that a batsman at the non-striker end is short of the crease when the bowler is about to bowl a ball. Still, there is a lot of controversy over this rule, and it was evident in the recent matches between the Indian and England women’s team.

These are a few interesting terminologies that you can look forward to in the present edition of the world cup.


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