High schools in Singapore

A Guide to high schools in Singapore with the Cambridge Curriculum

A short Introduction about the IGCSE curriculum

The IGCSE ( International General Certificate of Secondary Education) curriculum is a two year program that educates children of ages 14 – 16 and is developed by the Cambridge Assessment International Education Board. The Cambridge framework is specifically designed with an in-depth curriculum that concentrates on core subjects like English, Maths and Science. Having said that, the curriculum also offers over 70 subjects in all, including 30 languages that enable students to pick from a vast choice pertaining to their preferences

What are the plus points of taking up the IGCSE curriculum in a high school in Singapore

Apart from the obvious fact that the curriculum is recognised all over the world as one of the most well-developed international programs, studying at Singapore will give students an edge considering the excellent reputation that the city’s educational standards are known to have. And a Cambridge Singapore Curriculum also adapts to a holistic learning environment that is developed keeping in mind the current needs of the 21st century. The focus is on key skills development like creative thinking, enquiry-based learning approach and problem solving. High schools in Singapore also understand the cruciality of involving students in extracurricular activities which can be highly beneficial as it imparts survival skills like communication, collaboration and team building.

Top Facilities in Cambridge Singapore Schools 

An environment that caters to the latest learning methods

Apart from adapting to the current pandemic situation and moving their learning methods to an interactive online platform successfully, high schools in Singapore also provide an environment where students can collaborate using the latest tools in order to communicate and work amongst peer groups. The latest technological advancements have made learning more easy where students can learn their concepts through engaging visual mediums to understand their concepts better. Schools are now creating robust online learning platforms where the students and teachers collaborate using the latest video conferencing technology to learn new concepts, involve in group project activities and communicate their thoughts and ideas just as effectively as inside the classroom.

Other advantages of taking up the Cambridge Singapore Curriculum

Regular Assessments

Vigorous assessment schedules that Cambridge Singapore schools follow, allow teachers and guides to gauge the learning outcomes of their students and enable them to provide the right support and feedback to help overcome their weaknesses. Insights that are derived from Data Analytics methodology help further in giving raw data on how the students are performing in the academic and non academic pursuits. This helps the school faculty to decide the best route to develop their students’ skills in all areas of education.


Considering all the advantages that a robust IGCSE curriculum can provide its international students, it can definitely be  the best option for most of them. Also, it is imperative to remember that some of the best high schools in Singapore have fairly affordable fee structures that can be a relief to most expat parents.

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