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Fundamental of CAE online course

The full form of CAE is Computer-aided engineering which is used for the testing of 3D models using CAD. Many engineers use this software in designing and manufacturing various products, processes, and systems. Many institutes are organizing CAE online courses with the basic and advanced level course of CAE.

The course is rewarding for you if you are recently graduated in mechanical or production engineering, then it is the best opportunity for you to add one more valuable certificate to your resume. It will also encourage you to pursue design analysis in the industry.

What benefits will you get from the CAE course?

The manufacturing design course introduces the CAE and imprints the requirements of comprehensive evaluation interpreting results. This course will teach the essence of CAE and how and how you can access this tool.

After pursuing CAE online course, you will learn the following things to become a little closer to your dream job.

  • General procedures to conduct engineering simulation analysis.
  • Learn to apply the basic and advanced levels of tools to understand the correct use of CAE.
  • Understanding of structural analysis of automation.
  • Learn the mathematics of FEA with 1D, 2D, and 3D meshing, quality check, morphing techniques, and Macro generation.
  • Becomes capable of clearing the geometrical mistakes before meshing and extracting mid-surface.
  • Experience in crash simulations (Frontal, side, and Roof crush )
  • Better understanding of aircraft cabin interior monuments stress analysis, FE modeling of the galley, and how to perform testing of the 3D model.
  • The students can follow up on different career options like:-

o   CAE engineer NVH

o   Safety CAE Engineer

o   CAE analyst

o   CAE automation Engineer

o   CAE durability Engineer

What fundamentals will get students in CAE Online Course?

  • CAE – Introduction
  • CAD – Geometry Creation and preparation for simulation
  • FEA – Structural Analysis using Finite Element Method
  • CFD – Flow Analysis using Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • EMAG – Electromagnetic Analysis
  • DEM – Particulate Material Analysis
  • Other special Topics of the CAE universe

Certificates after the course

After completing the CAE online course, the institute gives access to the international certificate in electronic format. This certificate proves the completion of the course with total hours of attended classes. This certificate guarantees the quality of the course through its experience and recognition as a reference in computational simulation.

Any student can use this certificate to apply for any job in the mechanical sector easily.


The best part about the CAE online course is that you can access this from anywhere. The students get the flexibility to attend the training and courses at the most appropriate timing of their daily schedule. The online course provides videos, texts, and exercises virtually. All this content is previously prepared, reviewed, and structured, which allows the asynchronous use of the course.

The course is highly suited for the students who recently passed mechanical engineering a year ago. So, if you are one of those students who recently graduated from mechanical engineering, add one more feather to your cap.

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