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Tricks & Tips for macOS 13 Ventura

The macOS Ventura update brings significant improvements for users. The new features and enhancements like Continuity Camera and Handoff for FaceTime are bridging the gap between Macs and iPhones.

Moreover, Apple has tinkered with settings and functionalities to ensure users can use their Macs more efficiently and streamline their workflow. To that end, here’s a roundup of the best Ventura tricks you mustn’t miss.

Use your iPhone’s Camera as your Mac’s Webcam

Why settle for a below-average camera if you can use your iPhone’s high-end camera? Unfortunately, even though Apple is improving Mac’s webcam quality, it is still not at par with iPhone’s camera quality.

Luckily, you can use your phone’s camera as your Mac’s webcam for your business meetings and FaceTime video calls. In addition, thanks to macOS Ventura’s Continuity Camera feature, you can set your phone to connect to your computer wirelessly.

The Continuity Camera feature works with iPhone models running iOS 16.

You must enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both devices for this trick to work. Also, sign in using the same Apple ID and password.

The feature is not enabled by default. You must go to Settings > General > AirPlay & Handoff menu > turn on Continuity Camera. Then, you will see the option to use your smartphone’s camera as your Mac’s webcam.

You can use the iPhone’s Center Stage feature on your Mac by enabling this functionality. With this, you will remain centered in the camera frame during your video calls. You can even use the Portrait Mode and Studio Light features, along with Desk View, to improve your video calls and Instagram Reels.

Copy Text from Images

Maybe you’ve come across a nice phrase or text you want to copy. Or, you may want to grab a text or a couple of lines from a screenshot or error message. However, the problem is you wish to avoid copying the image where the text is written.

You may try to copy the text from the image or screenshot, but it will not work. You might even install apps that quickly transfer text from pictures and allows you to edit the text. But if you are running macOS Monterey or Ventura and wonder how to extract text from an image, use the Live Text feature. Thanks to this feature, you can interact with text on an image without installing any third-party application.

Share iCloud Photo Library

Mac’s default Photos application lets users create a photo library and share it with friends. You can share the library with your family members or friends.

The first step is to create an iCloud Shared Photo Library, and you can choose pictures, scenes, and people. Then, you can invite friends or family members to collaborate. So everyone can contribute by editing, adding, or deleting pictures and videos. In the Photos app, the changes will appear under the user’s Memories tab.

However, there’s one drawback. Users are allowed to create a single iCloud Shared Photo Library.

Continue FaceTime Calls on any Apple Device

Suppose you have started a FaceTime video call from your iPhone and the phone’s battery is about to die. What do you do?

No, you don’t have to disconnect the call and join later. Instead, you can use the Handoff feature to transfer the call to your Mac computer. So there will be no interruptions.

Undo or Schedule Emails

Apple Mail has got several improvements, thanks to macOS Ventura. Now, the app allows users to undo send emails if there are errors. Also, you can schedule emails to be sent at a later time and date.

Moreover, you can tweak the settings so that the app sends you follow-up reminders for essential emails.

Edit or Unsend Messages

The Messages app has also got significant enhancements. For example, you can now unsend and edit messages after you have sent them.

Sending regretful messages to friends or a disgruntled ex-partner is the reality of modern life. For example, when you’ve partied a bit much and are overwhelmed with emotions, you may have mistakenly written a long message and hit send. But you regret it immediately. So now you can unsend such messages.

Organize Windows and Apps to Streamline Tasks

The Stage Manager function is a game changer in how you use your Mac. The feature lets you organize the windows and applications in a single view on your computer. You can enable this feature from the Control Center.

With this function activated, all the windows and apps will be organized automatically so you can focus while moving between tasks. Also, you can create a group of apps for particular projects or tasks. For instance, you can group Photoshop, Lightroom, and Canva. Then, you can summon the apps with a single click.

You can even group writing or social media apps to concentrate on your project.

Since this function is new, you have to wait and see how Apple evolves the function in the future.

Bottom Line

With these Ventura tips and tricks, you will change how you use Mac and enhance your efficiency.

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