Which Targeting Option is Best For Achieving Brand Awareness

Which Targeting Option is Best For Achieving Brand Awareness ?

Which Targeting Option is Best For Achieving Brand Awareness ?

Traditional advertising techniques, such as Google AdWords, are still effective in increasing brand awareness. However, if you do not have a brand strategy, you may miss out on several opportunities to reach your target audience and build relationships. Often, generic keywords are used, which are highly competitive and will cost you more. It is also important to note that negative brand perception may prevent people from buying from you. In order to make the most of your ads, focus on creating a positive brand image.

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Custom affinity audiences

AdWords offers the ability to target potential customers based on their interests and demographics. Custom affinity audiences help marketers target users who are most likely to buy their product or make a purchase. For example, a company that sells coffee could create an affinity audience made up of people who enjoy drinking coffee, and those who care about protecting the environment. Such groups are much more likely to purchase the coffee brand’s products.

Detailed demographics

A detailed demographic can target an audience specifically. For example, if you want to target women, you can make your ads appear only to these women. That way, you won’t spend a dime showing your ads to men. In addition, demographic targeting saves you money by ensuring you’re only advertising to the right audience, which will increase your conversions and sales. The next best targeting option for brand awareness is affinity targeting, which combines interest and overall purchase intent.

Keyword search

Paid search is the most traditional way of achieving brand awareness, but social media marketing is an excellent way to keep your brand top of mind. Without a strategic brand strategy, you risk missing opportunities to reach your audience and build relationships. The best way to achieve brand awareness is to target your audience with custom affinity audiences, rather than generalized keywords. A positive brand image can lead to high sales, but a negative perception can prevent consumers from purchasing from you.


There are two types of online marketing – paid search and brand awareness. Paid search is used to generate clicks and brand awareness, whereas brand awareness relies on feeding prospects with brand content. For example, a billboard advertisement may be visible, but will not lead people to call the business. Alternatively, PPM-display campaigns are best for brand awareness. When done correctly, they will achieve brand awareness and help boost sales.

Pay-per-view with Facebook Insights

Depending on your goals, Facebook advertising can be a great way to achieve brand awareness, video views, and even conversions. Reach is the primary goal, and video views are a relatively cheap way to reach that audience. Brand awareness is the best goal because this audience is more likely to remember your brand. In addition to video views, Facebook advertising can be an effective way to increase sales, conversions, and message delivery in business messenger.

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