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This tutorial will discuss the top video downloader apps, their pros and cons, as well as other features.

Disclaimer:We don’t encourage or support downloading copyrighted video in violation of these sites’ terms. To legally download videos via a video downloader app, you must ask permission from the video owner.

y1mate download youtube video applications are extremely well-known, as YouTube draws a significant amount of visitors, and users would like to be able to access YouTube videos even if they aren’t connected to the Internet. Since the apps change constantly and compete, it is essential to review the most recent list of these apps to pick the best one. We provide a list of newly reviewed excellent applications that let you y1mate download youtube video.

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12 YouTube Downloaders that are the Best to y1mate download youtube video

Airy Video Downloader

Airy is a premium y1mate download youtube video. It is able to perform a variety of tasks like downloads of playlists, subtitles in audio format, conversion, 3GP downloads, as well as parallel downloading and massive-scale video saving. You can select both HD as well as low-definition, based on what you require. Utilize the integration with your browser feature to get the most convenience using the application. You can access blocked and restricted videos using the y1mate download youtube video.


  • Many features, all available in just a click
  • Ability to queue numerous downloads in different formats
  • Download management can be run multiple downloads at the same time
  • Video, music, subtitles Everything is on the table.


  • The converter feature cannot be used as a stand-alone feature
  • YouTube is the only one that supports it. YouTube supports YouTube.

The YT Saver Downloader for Video

y1mate download youtube video is a flexible video downloader that is compatible for each of macOS as well as Windows. It supports more than 10,000 sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TikTok and more) and lets you download audios, videos complete playlists and channels swiftly and efficiently.

YT Saver also serves as an excellent converter and provides the fastest speed of conversion. It can convert videos into MP4 MOV, WMV, and various other formats without quality loss. In addition, it comes with a built-in browser for the web that allows you to download and view video directly on websites. Apart from that, YT Saver comes with an inbuilt video cutter to aid in cutting online videos.


  • Simple to make use of
  • Supports a range of websites
  • It comes with a built-in web browser
  • Saves channels and playlists.


  • It’s not for free.


Online Video Downloader Downie is currently able to save media from more than 1,000 websites, including Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, etc. In addition it, the list of supported platforms is growing quickly, which makes Downie the top YouTube downloader.

This application allows users to download YouTube videos YouTube without having to open the site. Because of the built-in search, you can look up YouTube videos within the application. In addition, there’s an extension for the browser that can help with the downloading process.

Downie is a basic application that’s not flooded by a myriad of options. It is believed to be among the most efficient and versatile apps in its category. The application requires a PC that runs macOS 10.11 or later.


  • The ability to download audio and video from more than 1200 platforms
  • Capability to store YouTube content in high definition
  • Search built-in
  • Download support for MP4
  • Ability to download and extract only audio.


  • Quality control is difficult and inconvenient.
  • Setapp service membership is required to access the application.

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac

WinX is a well-known alternative to third-party software that is used for YouTube downloads. It is compatible with a wide range of formats and platforms. Some believe it creates WinX the y1mate download youtube video while others say it’s too complicated. Whatever the case, it’s a reliable high-quality, quality-assured software.

Be aware that WinX is in essence an expensive product. The tiny trial timer expires rapidly and the software will prompt you to purchase the license. It’s an offer price. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll need to spend a whopping $45.


  • A variety of video formats are available.
  • Special compression algorithms
  • Many other secondary attributes.


  • Steep price
  • The interface is busy.

Softorino YouTube Converter 2

It is far from being a standard downloading program, Softorino break away from the pattern by providing an automatic recognition for thumbnails of videos and tags. With the ability of instantly transfer files to iPods and iPhones, the application is clearly targeted at music lovers and could be the most effective YouTube video downloader to use for this.

Beyond that, there are the standard capabilities you’d expect from a YouTube downloader Mac. Softorino can be used for queuing several clips or films. Unfortunately, it’s available as a subscription-based license for a month. A month’s subscription will cost you $9.95 which is just a bit cheaper than YouTube premium.


  • Caters to music lovers
  • Works works iDevices
  • Cheap first purchase.


  • In the long run, it is expensive
  • Average for batch downloads.

Wondershare YouTube Downloader

It’s the top rated y1mate download youtube video which can be downloaded for free. Of obviously, one shouldn’t think that they can get all the features from the trial version.

The full version of the app costs $29.99. There are many drawbacks to its free edition, there are ads that appear here and there. Thankfully, there’s no sign of the harmful adware types or banners. However, this may very possibly be the most reliable for free YouTube downloader available for Mac.


  • Fully functional
  • Easy to use.


  • Free version quite limited
  • A few ads are shown
  • Not the greatest deal for $30.

iTube Studio

iTube takes a risk by promoting Netflix videos as one of their major features. It’s a general YouTube downloading application for Mac and comes with a few additional features to make it more interesting. The cost isn’t as appealing at $24.95 for a one-year service, $34.95 for a lifetime license. Perhaps worth it if just signing up for a year.


  • Can you record or convert Netflix
  • Converter is a standalone tool that can be used.


  • A lot of better, less expensive alternatives
  • Might be wiped out in a copyright fight.

MacX YouTube Downloader

This is the second post from Digiarty. Although it might appear like it, WinX and MacX are two completely different programs, and WinX also available on Mac. In the case of MacX, this is not ideal comparability.

However, despite the fact that it is lacking the features of its newer version, this app is still extremely reliable and is a great choice for convenience and is able to stream from a variety of streaming sites.


  • There are many different websites that you can download from
  • Technical support is free.
  • Always at a discount.


  • A limited format choice.

PullTube YouTube Downloader to Mac

PullTube offers a limited range of formats for conversion. Its ranking is lowered little. However, in other ways it has a wealth of interesting new features on the market. Controlling gestures cutting, cutting and cropping video are all fascinating.

Although it’s not an ideal candidate for the title of the best free YouTube downloader however, it’s a fascinating app that might be more enjoyable or interesting than the other top places that are on the list. It’s also quite affordable at $14.99. Take it into consideration if have issues with MP4 or M4A.


  • Exotic interface
  • Can be cropped and trimmed
  • Overall, adequate.


  • Format selection is limited.
  • UI can be a bit awkward If you’re not a fan.

4K Video Downloader

4K is a simple piece of software that earned this place due to the addition to “Smart Mode”. It’s an intriguing way to stop copy-paste process without having to install or run other programs that run in the background. You can also select subtitles that are different when it’s of major interest to you.

There are plenty of alternatives for you, but if uneasy about background-running browser extensions or browser software it’s a great alternative. It will cost you EUR15 or else you can get 30 video downloads for no cost on a daily basis.


  • Smart Mode is a good option.
  • Advanced options for subtitles
  • Use for free.


  • It’s definitely not the most efficient video downloader
  • The paid version is more secure and has additional paywalls.

ClipGrab Open Downloader

Contrary to the previous competitors, ClipGrab is completely free. It is only supported through donations and the goodwill of its creators. Furthermore, because it’s licensed under the GPL There is a lot of transparency regarding the code, and less threat for malicious injections. It’s totally harmless.

In terms of features it’s not a standout from the crowd in terms of features, and there’s no special shortcuts that allow you to download files fast. It comes with an integrated YouTube browser, which is cool. It’s a great starter before you head at your cash. We’ve gathered a variety of free YouTube downloader options.


  • Free and open to all.
  • Transparent and safe.


  • There is no playlist option
  • Problems with downloading some YouTube videos
  • No shortcuts are available.


YTD is given an honourable mention. It is compatible with multiple websites as well as comes with a separate converter, and an inbuilt video player (though you’re probably wondering who’s going to benefit from this?). One of the biggest advantages is the download manager’s sleek, minimalist interface pleases the eyes. It’s a shame that YTD sells on a monthly subscription basis, which is $24 for a year, and $9 for one month. This article will help for more information about alternatives to YTD.


  • The app tries to be multi-purpose application
  • Worked on several streaming services.
  • HD audio download and extraction from videos
  • You can try it out at no cost.


  • Costly in the long-term
  • There are a few formats available to select
  • Not a lot of flexibility.

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